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As I’ve mentioned throughout this site, I’m very passionate about what I do. It is a driving force in my life, and is highly fulfilling. As a result, I tend to talk about it. At length. To everyone I know. I suspect that this blog will be no exception.

Hopefully, my quirky interests and odd sense of humor won’t confuse/infuriate you. If they do, well, I won’t be offended if you decide to read the musings of someone more interesting than little ol’ me.

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1.19.10, 03:53pm | Blogging/Writing, Print Design, Tech, Unreasonable Expectations, Web Design,

I feel as though I’ve emerged from some sort of productivity coma. Or maybe it was productivity hibernation! Either way, I feel as though I’ve re-entered the land of the living, blogging populace.

November and December were incredibly busy, both in my work and personal lives. It seems that I’d completely forgotten to account for major holidays in my work schedule. What had originally seemed like a leisurely development schedule for a major website project turned into a mad dash to meet my deadline. I had wildly unreasonable ideas, like “oh sure, I can fit in 5 hours of work a day when we’re in California visiting relatives we haven’t seen in two years”, and “I can definitely work 11 hours a day with no consequences”, and “implementing that payment API should only take a couple of days.” Ha! Looking back at my naive and in-denial self, I want to pat her on the head and say “sure you will, sweetie. Sure you will.”

But despite my wacky ideas about super-human productivity, I managed to make it to January without losing my mind. And with a few trophies clutched in my sweaty, deranged fingers!

The first is a print design package for the Bergey Voice Studio in Aberdeen, WA. I’m really thrilled with how beautifully logo turned out, and how well the design adapts to print materials. In another month or so I’ll get to work on the Bergey Voice Studio website, and I can’t wait to get started. Right now there’s just a placeholder page (or there will be once the nameservers finish updating), but stay tuned, there’s more to come soon!

The second is a complete website re-design/overhaul for WatsonPiano.com. WatsonPiano.com is the website of a Tacoma-area piano teacher and accompanist, Robin Watson. And before you ask, yes we’re related, but I like to think that she hired me more for my design and development skills than the fact that we share the same last name. All of the particulars are discussed in the project portfolio page, but aside from the technical details I’m thrilled with the end result of this build. Sure, there are a few bugs (there always are), but overall the transition went incredibly smoothly, and I know that my client is very much enjoying her new website tools.

Oof! What a couple of months. Now that I’ve climbed back on top of my work life, though, I’m hoping to be much more chatty. I have a bunch of new projects on the horizon, and if I can manage to be reasonable in my time expectations, you’ll get to hear all about them as they come along.Wish me luck!





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