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As I’ve mentioned throughout this site, I’m very passionate about what I do. It is a driving force in my life, and is highly fulfilling. As a result, I tend to talk about it. At length. To everyone I know. I suspect that this blog will be no exception.

Hopefully, my quirky interests and odd sense of humor won’t confuse/infuriate you. If they do, well, I won’t be offended if you decide to read the musings of someone more interesting than little ol’ me.

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Just keep swimming…

11.8.09, 11:24pm
Blogging/Writing, NaBloPoMo, Philosophy,

Just keep swimming…

11.8.09, 11:24pm | Blogging/Writing, NaBloPoMo, Philosophy,

I’m starting to realize that November was a bad month to do NaBloPoMo. I mean here it is, Sunday night at 10:47pm, and I’m hurriedly typing out so random malarkey just so I can get my post in for today. It feels a bit like college, when you’ve got a little over an hour before class starts are you’re scrambling to come up with something - anything - to write, just so you can have something to turn in at the start of class.

I have a confession to make: I am really, really behind. Not just on NaBloPoMo, either. I’m behind on development, behind on e-mails, behind on professional development, behind behind behind. I have a ton to do, and the minutes/hours/days are ticking by without any regard to how well I’ve used them. At the end of the week is a deadline that I think I’m probably not going to make, which means I’ll have to make another deadline-extension. And that’s where the heart of my anxiety stems from.

I hate making excuses. I hate e-mailing a client (total stranger, good friend, family member, whoever) and telling them that I have to push back a deadline. Even if it’s only by a couple of days. It makes me feel like a liar, and a slacker, and a thief. “Yeah, remember when I said we could launch on _____? Well, it’s really going to be a week later than that. Oh, wait, did I say one week? Let’s make it two.” Ugh, I feel all slimy and guilty doing it. I’m pretty sure that come Wednesday, I’ll have to make another deadline adjustment (again, only by a couple of days), and I’m going to feel sick and awful from the minute I start writing that e-mail to the minute that my client replies and says okay.

With my writing/environmental project, I’m also behind, and feeling wildly disappointed in myself. Why? It’s all for fun, right? It’s not terribly important, and it doesn’t really matter. I have a handful of readers (who I LOVE, by the way), and I’m sure they won’t be horribly upset with me when I miss a day.

But here’s the thing: these things I’m stressing out about, they may not much matter to anyone else. But damn it, they matter to ME. They’re important to ME. What drives me in website development, and now this blog isn’t fame and fortune. Hell, I can’t even afford health insurance. One part of it is the hope that if I follow my passions now, eventually I’ll get to do it in a more professionally sustainable way. But the other part of it is that it doesn’t really matter to me if what I’m doing (designing, coding, writing, sustaining) matters to anyone else. It matters to me, and even if I never make a dime off of my efforts, I’m just going to keep on doing it. I can’t help it… this is what I want to do.

I can’t promise I’m always going to be great at it. With this, with my career, there are plenty of times when I’ll downright suck at it. But I’ll keep trying. If there’s one thing I can promise, it’s that I’ll keep trying. I have impossible standards that I’ll probably never be able to meet. But I’ll keep trying.

Arthur Robert Ashe Jr. said “Success is a journey not a destination. The doing is usually more important than the outcome.”

So while I can’t promise (for now) that I’ll stay on schedule in all of my assorted roles, I can promise that I will keep doing. And I hope you’ll stay along for the ride.

I think, you’re doing well.  And I think your efforts & determination are admirable.  You know I’ve gotten obsessive about turning the lights and anything else possible off whenever I can after reading your posts about journaling your environmental impact? 

You might be getting more done than you realize.  Just keep swimming?

Name: Josie | Posted: 12:11am, 11.9.09





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