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As I’ve mentioned throughout this site, I’m very passionate about what I do. It is a driving force in my life, and is highly fulfilling. As a result, I tend to talk about it. At length. To everyone I know. I suspect that this blog will be no exception.

Hopefully, my quirky interests and odd sense of humor won’t confuse/infuriate you. If they do, well, I won’t be offended if you decide to read the musings of someone more interesting than little ol’ me.

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I’m back in the saddle again

11.11.09, 11:54am | Blogging/Writing, Environment, NaBloPoMo, Seattle Weather,

It’s a beautiful Wednesday still-technically-the-morning morning. On days like this, I move to the bedroom to work, so I can use the natural light streaming in the window. And of course, the pretty sunshine doesn’t hurt my mood one little bit.

After two days of web silence, I’m climbing back in the ol’ bloggin’ saddle, so to speak. I think the break was good for me, helped take a bit of the pressure off. Hell, yesterday I even had the leisure time to watch several episodes of Glee on Hulu.com, which were hilarious. The writing is fantastically funny, and Sue Sylvester cracks me up. Only Jane Lynch could give Sue the right combination of dripping sarcasm and deadpan. Beautiful.

Which brings me to something that’s been bothering me the last few days. Someone told me recently that they thought my blog was boring, too analytical and science-y. “Where’s the wit? Where’s the humor?” Honestly, I don’t particularly disagree with that assessment. That doesn’t mean the comment didn’t sting, because it certainly did (my poor bruised little ego, woe woe woe).

The thing is, while most people who know me would describe me as “funny”, I’ve never been much of humorous blogger. My blog in college was mostly about me and whatever drama arose in my life. Now I’m writing about sustainability, personal responsibility, and the environment. The problem is that sustainability isn’t terribly funny. In fact a lot of the time it’s really, really depressing. I’m trying to write about it calmly, rationally, and instill some hope about an otherwise melancholy topic. My goal is to get my readers to think differently about how they impact the environment, and point them in the right direction if they want to start changing their habits.

In a conversation with my husband last night, I described my passion for environmental sustainability as being “a frantic near-religious fervor, which would rival the convictions of any hard-core evangelical preacher”. The lifestyle project, this blog, and the chance to make a difference is something I take very seriously. I think it’s likely the most important thing I can spend my time on. So it’s difficult for me to think about it humorously.

However, I think my critic has a good point. I need to work on my writing. And so I shall. I’m temporarily postponing NaBloPoMo: partly because I’ve already missed four days, and partly because I’m just not ready to blog daily and have it not suck. I’m still in the middle of data collection for the lifestyle project, which I’ll write about soon.

And now, a quote from Venture Bros. to amuse you.

Dermott: “Yeah, is this gonna suck the whole time or is this, like, the only part that sucks? I just wanna gauge how much suck I’ve gotta friggin sit through.”

I’m not bored.  In fact, I adore you.  Sorry about that.

Name: Yvanka | Posted: 4:37pm, 11.11.09

I love your blog, and I don’t find it boring.

Name: Bethy | Posted: 4:59pm, 11.11.09

awww, thanks you two. smile if it’s alright by you, though, I’m still going to try to be a better writer. smile heart you both!

Name: Molly Watson | Posted: 5:18pm, 11.11.09

Always totally acceptable.  I did a little soul-searching-blog-reading myself, and I sound like a petulant monkey-child.  WHEE!

Name: yvanka | Posted: 6:01pm, 11.11.09

ha! I’m totally stealing the phrase “petulant monkey-child”. also, you totally don’t! I adore yer bloggin’, baby.

Name: Molly Watson | Posted: 7:25pm, 11.11.09





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