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Kinetix Web Elements and Design

Date: 9.15.11
Portfolio: Web Design
Type: Employee
Status: Completed

Live Site: Kinetix

Project Description

As a full-time web developer for Kinetix, I was regularly asked to design some web elements for the Kinetix website. Additionally, my supervisors requested I mock-up a redesign of the current Kinetix website, which was seen as being too “dark and dreary.” Most of my designs and elements attempted to “lighten up”  and warm the color palette and visual identity of Kinetix.

Kinetix Design: Site Redesign

This is a mockup of the website's redesign. The top portion is my proposed website design, and the bottom portion is the site as it is currently. When this redesign was requested, it was stressed that the site needed to be warmer, and more welcoming to our target demographic (women between the ages of 30 - 55), as well as making the design less "tall".

Kinetix Design: Site Redesign Image

Kinetix Web Elements: Promotions

This is a promotional image that would pop-up upon a user visiting the homepage. The pop-up would trigger if the user came to the site via one of Kinetix's ads, or during a site-wide promotional offer.

Kinetix Web Elements: Promotions Image

Kinetix Web Elements: Coach Video Posters

These are three video posters that show up as preview images for the Coach Success Stories area. The videos are in black and white, however, Kinetix wanted to introduce more color to the page. These images were retouched and color filtered to achieve a warm, bright feel.

Kinetix Web Elements: Coach Video Posters Image

Kinetix Web Elements: Introduction Video Posters

These are three introduction video posters, which act as preview images for the introductory videos area. The videos themselves are largely black and red, so I attempted to introduce a little color (while still showing the subject matter) in these posters.

Kinetix Web Elements: Introduction Video Posters Image





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