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WSMTA 2010-2011 Yearbook Cover

Date: 9.2.11
Portfolio: Print Design
Type: Freelance
Status: Completed

Project Description

The WSMTA (Washington State Music Teachers Association) Tacoma Chapter needed a front and back cover design for their 2010-2011 yearbook, as well as some formatting help within the yearbook itself. The design I created is simple and somewhat typical of music branding, but I think that the colors really help it stand out and “pop.” At the least, Tacoma Chapter was very pleased with the final result.

WSMTA Yearbook: Front Cover

The Front Cover for the WSMTA Yearbook.

WSMTA Yearbook: Front Cover Image

WSMTA Yearbook: Back Cover

The Back Cover of the WSMTA yearbook.

WSMTA Yearbook: Back Cover Image





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